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Is Foamy Urine A Sign Of Diabetes

2014-06-25 08:15

Is Foamy Urine A Sign Of DiabetesDoes foamy urine indicate diabetes? Foamy urine can be caused by many factors but it can be a sign of diabetes. Well then how does foamy urine relate to diabetes?

One complication of diabetes is known as glomerulonephritis. It refers to the inflammation of the tiny filters that the kidneys make use of for filtering the blood and get rid of waste products through the urine. Normally, the kidneys can keep essential substances such as proteins in the body, and remove wastes out of the body. Although sometimes minute amount of protein may leak into urine, but you have no need to worry about it. However, diseases such as glomerulonephritis damages the filtering system, allowing substances such as proteins to leak into the urinary bladder and finally get discharged into the urine. Presence of protein in the urine is known as proteinuria.

We know diabetes is a major leading factor of kidney damage, but diabetes does not damage the kidneys at one go. It develops gradually and starts affecting the organs. Foamy urine can be a sign of diabetes. Diabetes can also lead to kidney disease. Thus, protein in the urine is a sign of kidney disease, foamy urine and diabetes.

Other causes of foamy urine

If you delay the urge to urinate, foamy urine can occur. This is because after you hold o for a long time when you finally go to the washroom, your urine may hit the toilet pot with such a force, thus leading to foamy urine.

If you do not have the habit of drinking plenty of water, dehydration makes the urine more concentrated and darker. When it is expelled, it produces froth.

Patients need to keep blood sugar under control and then repair the damaged kidney filters as well as restore kidney function. If you would like to the treatment, you can browse Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

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