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Does Drinking Too Much Water Mean You Have Diabetes

2014-06-16 02:04

Does Drinking Too Much Water Mean You Have DiabetesIs lots of water intake a sign of diabetes? Diabetes symptom include frequent urination, excessive thirst, extreme hunger, unusual weight loss and fatigue. Thirst can be a sign of this disease. So why is drinking lots of water linked to diabetes?

Water and diabetes

If you experience diabetes, excess blood sugar or glucose in the body will draw water from tissues, making you feel dehydrated. To alleviate your thirst, you drink a lot a water or other beverages which can lead to more frequent urination. If you find that you have unexplained increases in your thirst and urination, it is necessary for you to see your doctor. It may not indicate you have diabetes. It could be something else.

If you already have diabetes, water is especially important for diabetic patients, because even a small decrease of the hydration-level could lead to serious problems for diabetes. When the glucose level are high, one of the most obvious signs is thirst. In this case, water is the best way to quench this thirst, and to break down those sugars. In addition, to make your body function normally, water should be a constant. Pure water has no calories, no sodium and contains no fat or cholesterol, so it is the best supplement for someone with diabetes.

Does drinking lots of water always mean diabetes?

Absolutely not. Too much water intake can also be other health conditions. Apart from diabetes, excessive exercise, sweat, fever and filtered H2O can also make dehydrated and you need to drink too much water to quench your thirst.

Diabetes and other factors can all lead to much water intake. Thus, if you have unexplained increases in your thirst and urination, you should see your doctor so as not to miss the best time of therapy.

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