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Treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy with Kidney Shrinkage

2014-02-10 16:33

Diabetic nephropathy is secondary to long-term diabetes. Without effective treatment, it will cause gradual loss of renal function. As more kidney tissues and cells become impaired and scarred, kidney shrinkage will result. This article will introduce the treatment for diabetic nephropathy with kidney shrinkage.

Diabetic nephropathy with kidney shrinkage

Nephrons are the basic functional units of kidneys. Every kidney is composed of around one million nephrons. These nephrons act as filters in kidneys and can eliminate waste products from body.

However, diabetes, high blood glucose can make the kidneys do extra fluid. The extra workload will make the nephrons impaired gradually. Without effective treatment, more and more nephrons will become scarred and even necrotic. As a result, kidney shrinkage will result in Diabetic Nephropathy.

If kidneys diminish in size, they will fail to function adequately. The patients with diabetic nephropathy usually experience a large number of complications and discomforts.

To treat diabetic nephropathy with kidney shrinkage, one of important treatment goals is to increase the size of kidneys. However, the conventional treatments only can control diabetes and relieve symptoms of diabetic nephropathy.

To treat diabetic nephropathy with kidney shrinkage, the combined treatment of Blood Purification and Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy will be the recommended treatments.

Kidney shrinkage can cause high buildup of waste products in blood. Blood purification can eliminate all kinds of metabolic waste products and pathogenic substances from blood.

In addition, Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can activate the self-repairing of kidney tissues and cells. If the impaired kidney structure can be reversed, kidneys will increase in size. If so, the kidneys will function better. Diabetic nephropathy with kidney shrinkage will be controlled fundamentally.

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