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What Does Albumin in Urine Mean in Diabetes

2014-02-04 16:56

Microalbuminuria (urine albumin) refers to presence of small amounts of albumin in the urine. People with a long history of diabetes may have albumin in urine. What does albumin in urine mean in diabetes?

Microalbuminuria (urine albumin) occurs when the kidneys leak small amounts of albumin into the urine. Therefore, if there is albumin in urine, it may indicate kidney damage in diabetes.

How does diabetes impair kidneys and cause albumin in urine? Glomeruli are the basic functional units in kidneys. Every kidney is composed of around one million glomeruli. The glomeruli can filter out small molecular waste products from body and meanwhile keep the useful substances in blood.

However, in Diabetes, if blood glucose keeps high, it can put extra strain on glomeruli. Over time, the extra workload can make the glomeruli exhausting. Eventually, chronic kidney disease (CKD) will result. When the glomeruli become leaky, a large amount of albumin will be filtered into urine.

As albumin acts as antibody in body, lower levels of albumin in body can weaken immunity. Additionally, albumin can hold fluid in blood vessels. Lower levels of albumin can not hold all fluid in blood vessels. As a result, the fluid will infiltrate into subcutaneous tissues. Edema will appear in some body parts.

If a patient with diabetes have albumin in urine, he should seek for an effective treatment. Otherwise, more and more protein will leak into urine. Heavy protein in urine can accelerate renal function deterioration significantly.

How to treat albumin in urine in diabetes? As albumin in urine results from damage to glomeruli, to control it, a treatment should be applied to restore the impaired glomeruli. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for diabetics with kidney disease. It can restore kidney damage and reverse impaired kidney structure. If so, the albumin in urine in diabetes will be controlled fundamentally.

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