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Is Skin Itching in Diabetes Caused by Kidney Damage

2014-02-01 09:46

skin itching, diabetes,kidney damageDiabetes is a significant cause of kidney damage. When kidneys fail to function properly, skin itching may occur. However, not all cases of skin itching in diabetes are related to kidney damage. What are the possible causes of skin itching in diabetes?


Localized itching is commonly seen in diabetes. It can be caused by a yeast infection, dry skin, or poor circulation. These conditions are mainly due to high blood glucose level. When skin itching in diabetes is caused by poor circulation, the itching may affect the lower parts of the legs.

Kidney damage

Kidney damage is a significant cause of skin itching in diabetes. It is also a serious issue that you should pay more attention to. In diabetes, long-term high blood glucose can impair the small blood vessels in kidneys. Over time, the kidneys will fail to function properly.

High levels of phosphate in blood are the major culprit of skin itching in kidney damage. This is because the damaged kidneys fail to filter out phosphorus from body normally.

In addition, there are some causes of skin itching which may not be related to diabetes and kidney damage.

To treat skin itching in diabetes effectively, you should firstly find out its specific causes. You can chat with our online doctor to get an analysis of your condition.

How to manage skin itching in diabetes?

If skin itching in diabetes is caused by kidney damage, to control the condition fundamentally, a treatment should be applied to restore the impaired kidney structure. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for diabetics with kidney damage. It can enhance renal function by restoring the impaired kidney tissues and cells fundamentally.

If skin itching in diabetes is due to infection, bacteria can help. Aggressive control of blood glucose level can help relieve the condition effectively.

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