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Treatment for Renal Insufficiency in Diabetes

2014-01-19 11:59

Renal insufficiency is a disorder in which the kidneys fail to function adequately. Diabetes is a significant cause of chronic renal insufficiency in clinic. What is the treatment for renal insufficiency in diabetes?

Renal insufficiency in diabetes

Kidneys contain a cluster of small blood vessels. The small blood vessels with tiny holes on them act as filters in kidneys. They can filter out waste products and extra fluid from body and meanwhile preserve useful substances in body based on their filtering and barrier function.

However, in Diabetes, if blood glucose keeps high over time, it will cause extra strain on the small blood vessels. Over time, the blood vessels will become impaired and lose their normal functions. Renal insufficiency will be the result.

Treatment for renal insufficiency in diabetes

To treat renal insufficiency in diabetes, the first treatment step is to reduce blood glucose level to a normal level. It can stop the heavy pressure against the small blood vessels, thus slowing down renal function decline. Additionally, it is important to control the complications of both diabetes and renal insufficiency as those conditions can worsen renal function significantly.

However, as mentioned above, the impairment of small blood vessels in kidneys is the underlying cause of renal insufficiency. Therefore, to reverse the condition fundamentally, a treatment should be applied to repair the damaged blood vessels.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for renal insufficiency in diabetes.It is an externally applied therapy of Chinese herbal medicine. Up to now, it has been used to treat kidney disease for more than two decades and has showed enormous therapeutic effects. This therapy can reverse kidney damage and improve renal function by stimulating the self-repairing of impaired kidney tissues and cells fundamentally.

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