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How to Avoid Dialysis for a Person with Diabetes And CKD 5

2014-01-11 16:21

Diabetes is a significant cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD). When CKD 5 arrives,dialysis will be prescribed.However,it is possible to avoid dialysis for a person with diabetes and CKD 5?

Diabetes with CKD 5

The small blood vessels with tiny holes act as filters in kidneys. In right condition, they can filter out waste products from body. The useful substances like protein are too big to pass through the holes so will be preserved in body.

However,long-term high blood glucose can put extra strain on the blood vessels.Over time,they will become worn out and lose the filtering and barrier function.CKD will be the result. If no effective treatment is adopted, CKD 5 will be the final result.

Dialysis for a person with diabetes and CKD 5

Dialysis can take a partial renal function to eliminate the small molecular and mid-molecular waste products from blood. While it plays a vital role in improving the patients’ life quality, a large number of complications can not be avoided. What’s worse, the life span of dialysis patients will be shortened significantly.

How to avoid dialysis for a person with diabetes and CKD 5?

As mentioned above,renal function decline and kidney damage result from the impairment of kidney structure. Therefore, to avoid dialysis for a person with diabetes and CKD 5, the patients should have a treatment to reverse kidney damage and repair the impaired small blood vessels.

Stem Cell Therapy is an effective treatment for a diabetic with CKD 5. Stem cells are a kind of immature cells with powerful differentiating capacity.In treating diabetic kidney disease, they can divide into new cells.After the impaired kidney cells are replaced with the new cells,the kidney structure will be repaired.If the native kidneys can function better, dialysis will not be required.

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