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Fruits for People with Diabetes And High Creatinine

2013-12-22 10:32

Fruits for People with Diabetes And High CreatinineA restricted diet is required for people with diabetes.If high creatinine occurs in diabetes,the patients should pay more attention to their diet.What fruits are recommended to people with diabetes and high creatinine?

Diabetes and high creatinine

The small blood vessels with tinier holes can filter out small molecular waste products from body.The large molecular useful substances can not pass through the holes will be retained in body.However,long-term high blood sugar will cause extra strain on kidneys.Over time,the small blood vessels will become impaired.As a result,high levels of creatinine will build up in body, resulting in high creatinine.High creatinine in diabetes is associated with very severe kidney damage.

Fruits for diabetes with high creatinine

Most of fruits taste sweet so they generally are not recommended to people with diabetes.The carbohydrates in fruits affect blood sugar levels significantly.One serving of fruit should contain 15 grams of carbohydrates.The size of the serving depends on the carbohydrate content of the fruit.In a word,no fruits are avoided for people with diabetes,but it is important to manage the proportion of the fruits in their diet.

However,if the patients with diabetes develop kidney problem, the diseased kidneys can not regulate the balance of different minerals in body.High levels of phosphorus,sodium,potassium are generally higher than normal in people with diabetes and high creatinine.Therefore,the patients with high creatinine should avoid fruits high in those minerals.

Fruits for people with diabetes and high creatinine


Apples are high in fiber and anti-inflammatory compounds. Those constituents can help reduce cholesterol and relieve the inflammation in kidneys, slowing down renal function decline.


All kinds of berries like cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are good fruits options for people with diabetes and high creatinine.Some compounds in them can reduce the incidence of infection and help control inflammation in kidneys effectively.

The above are some tips on fruits for people with diabetes and high creatinine. For more other information, you can leave a message below.

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