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Treatment for Diabetes with Kidney Failure And Edema

2013-12-12 14:58

Diabetes is an important cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD). As renal function declines,a host of symptoms will appear. Edema is one of common symptoms of kidney damage in diabetes kidney disease.If left untreated,kidney failure will be the eventual result.What is the treatment for diabetes with kidney failure and edema?

Diabetes with kidney failure and edema

Kidneys are remarkable organs.Inside them are millions of tiny blood vessels that act as filters.The filters can purify blood by removing waste products and extra fluid from body.Meanwhile, the useful substances will be preserved in body.However, Diabetes can damage this system.High concentration of blood glucose can make the kidneys filter too much blood.Over time, the stress of work causes the kidneys to lose their filtering ability.Waste products will build up in bloodstream.Edema results from high buildup of excess fluid in body.

Meanwhile, the useful substances will squeeze through glomeruli and end up in urine.Eventually,Kidney Failure occurs.

Treatment for diabetes with kidney failure and edema

Both kidney failure and edema in diabetes result from damage to tiny blood vessels in kidneys.Therefore,to control the condition,a treatment should be applied to repair the tiny blood vessels and reverse kidney damage.To attain the treatment goals,Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy will involve the whole treatment process.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is a plant-based therapy based on traditional Chinese medicine.Based on the patients’ illness condition,different types of medicines will be applied in the therapy.The effective medicine ingredients are tonic to kidneys and they can provide essential nutrients to the impaired blood vessels.Also,they can stimulate the self-repairing of the impaired kidney tissues and cells.

However,in kidney failure,the majority of kidney tissues and cells are necrotic.Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can not restore the necrotic ones at all. Stem Cell Therapy will be applied to save this part of cells. Stem cells can differentiate into new cells to replace the necrotic cells.If so,the small blood vessels will be restored.

If the treatments of Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy and stem cell therapy are performed well, renal function will be improved remarkably and edema will be controlled fundamentally.

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