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How to Improve GFR 11 in Diabetes

2013-12-06 14:28

Diabetes is a significant cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD). As renal function deteriorates,GFR will keep decreasing.How to improve GFR 11 in diabetes?

How serious is diabetes with GFR 11?

Nephrons are the basic functional units in kidneys.Every kidney is composed of about one million nephrons.In right condition, they can filter out the small molecular waste products.However, the large molecular useful substances will be preserved in body.

In Diabetes,long-term high blood glucose can cause extra strain on nephrons.Over time,the nephrons will become exhausted and even scarred.When the nephrons become scarred,the kidneys will fail to function properly.

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) measures how much blood flows through glomeruli.In diabetes,however,when the nephrons are damaged, less blood will flow through glomeruli, thus resulting in lower GFR.The normal range of GFR is between 90-125m/min. GFR 11 is related to extremely serious kidney damage and it is in end stage renal disease (ESRD).

How to improve GFR 11 in diabetes?

To improve GFR 11 in diabetes,one is to increase blood supply to kidneys and another one is to repair the impaired nephrons. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective way to improve GFR in diabetes.It works in the following ways to treat diabetes kidney disease.

Firstly,Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is featured with the functions of anti-inflammation and anti-coagulation.It can clear up the inflammatory factors and thrombus.By doing this,it can improve blood circulation and increase blood supply to glomeruli.

Secondly,Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can improve GFR 11 in diabetes fundamentally and remarkably by reversing kidney damage.The effective Chinese medicines can stimulate the self-healing and self-repairing of the impaired kidney tissues and cells.When the kidney damage can be reversed,more blood can flow through kidneys.If so,the kidneys can filter blood more efficiently. GFR will be increased.

Many patients with kidney problem have a good response to Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy and return to a high-quality life after the treatment. Is this therapy right for you?You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  for more information about the therapy.

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