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Treatment for Diabetes with ESRD

2013-11-18 09:52

Diabetes is one of primary causes of end stage renal disease(ESRD) in clinic. Compared to nondiabetics, ESRD in diabetes is more difficult to manage. What is the effective treatment for diabetes with ESRD?

Diabetes with ESRD

The small blood vessels in kidneys with tinier holes act as filters in kidneys.Normally,the small molecular waste products can pass through the holes and will be eliminated from body in the form of urine.

In diabetes, high blood glucose levels can damage tiny blood vessels in kidneys, impairing the ability to filter the blood properly.

Additionally, diabetes can also affect the kidneys by damaging the nerves that tell you when your bladder is full. The pressure from a full bladder can damage the kidneys. As well, if urine remains in the bladder for a long time, it can increase your risk of developing a urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection is also a contributable factor of kidney impairment. Diabetes kidney disease is a progressive kidney disorder. Eventually, ESRD will result.

Treatment for diabetes with ESRD

The treatment goals of diabetes with ESRD include aggressive control of diabetes , purify blood, and reverse kidney damage. More than one treatment will involve the whole treatment process.

Blood Purification can clear up the blood by eliminating all kinds of waste products from bloodstream.It can create a favorable internal environment for reversing kidney damage.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is designed to control diabetes and reverse kidney damage.

The effective Chinese medicines can improve the utilization of insulin and reduce insulin resistance. Thereby, high blood sugar level will be controlled aggressively.

What’s more, Micro-Chinese medicines can stimulate the self-healing and self-regeneration of impaired kidney tissues and cells.When the impaired kidney structure can be repaired, the kidney damage will be reversed.The diabetes patients with ESRD will not require replacement treatments including dialysis and Kidney Transplant.

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