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Treatment for Diabetes with High Blood creatinine And High Blood Pressure

2013-11-16 15:04

Diabetes is a very complex condition and often is complicated with many complications. High blood pressure and high blood creatinine commonly occur in people with long-term diabetes.

Diabetes with high blood creatinine and high blood pressure

The tiny blood vessels in kidneys with tinier holes act as filters in kidneys.In right condition,the small molecular waste products and fluid can squeeze through the holes and then will be eliminated from body in the form of urine.

In diabetes,however,if blood sugar level keeps high over time,it can put extra strain on the tiny blood vessels. Consequently,the blood vessels will become impaired and leaky.

Two of the most kidney functions is to eliminate wastes and regulate blood pressure.When kidneys fail to function adequately,they become unable to perform their roles. High blood pressure and high blood creatinine will occur as a result of kidney damage.Without aggressive control, most of the patients with diabetes and kidney damage will end up with kidney failure.

Treatment for diabetes with high blood creatinine and high blood pressure

In conventional treatment,medications are often prescribed to control those symptoms like ACE inhibitors,Ketosteril etc.These medications can slow down renal function decline,but can not prevent the onset of kidney failure.

As mentioned above,high blood creatinine and high blood pressure result from reduced renal function and kidney damage.To lower high levels of creatinine and blood pressure,the patients should have a treatment to restore the impaired kidney structure to enhance renal function.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for diabetes with kidney damage.It is a plant-based therapy free of adverse effects on body.

On one hand,Chinese medicines can improve the utilization of insulin and enhance the pancreatic function,thus controlling diabetes effectively.On the other hand,Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can stimulate the self-regeneration and self-repairing of kidney tissues and cells.If so,the renal function will be improved remarkably.

If the above treatment is done well, diabetes with high blood creatinine and high blood pressure will be controlled fundamentally.

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