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Treatment for Diabetes with Creatinine 5 And BUN 80

2013-11-05 10:20

High levels of creatinine and BUN in diabetes are associated with kidney damage and reduced renal function.What is the treatment for diabetes with creatinine 5 and BUN 80?

Diabetes with creatinine 5 and BUN 80

The kidneys are composed of millions of tiny blood vessels with even tinier holes in them act as filters.When blood flows through the blood vessels,small molecules squeeze through the holes and end up in urine.Meanwhile,the useful substances like protein and red blood cells,are too big too pass through the holes in the filter and stay in the blood.

However,if blood sugar level keeps high,it will make the kidneys filter too much blood and cause extra strain on kidneys.After many years,the tiny blood vessels will become impaired and start to leak and useful substances will be excreted into urine. Additionally,high levels of waste products including creatinine and urea nitrogen will build up in bloodstream.Creatinine 5 and BUN 80 are associated with extremely serious kidney damage.

Treatment for diabetes with Creatinine 5 and BUN 80

The treatment goals of diabetes with creatinine 5 and BUN 80 should include controlling diabetes,restoring the tiny blood vessels, and improving renal function.

Diabetic Nephropathy is a very complex condition to manage. The whole treatment process involves several types of treatment modalities.

Tangyikang can restore the impaired islet cells and increase the utilization of insulin.Therefore,it can enhance the control of blood sugar level to reduce stress on tiny blood vessels.

Medicated Bath is commonly used to treat diabetes kidney disease.It can improve the overall blood circulation,thus relieving the complications like leg numbness,diabetic foot etc.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can activate the self-healing and self-regeneration of kidney tissues to repair the impaired tiny blood vessels in kidneys. When the kidneys can work better to filter blood, creatinine 5 and BUN 80 will be lowered fundamentally.

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