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How to Reverse Proteinuria in Diabetes Kidney Disease

2013-10-29 14:32

Diabetes kidney disease is secondary to diabetes.Compared with non-diabetics,the prognosis of diabetes kidney disease is worse.Proteinuria is a significant accelerator in worsening the prognosis of diabetes kidney disease. Therefore, it is important to reverse proteinuria in diabetes kidney disease.

Causes of proteinuria in Diabetes kidney disease

The kidneys are composed of millions of tiny blood vessels with tinier holes in them act as filters.As blood flows through the blood vessels, small molecules will squeeze through the holes and be discharged out of body in the form of urine. Useful substances like protein and red blood cells are too big to pass through the holes and will be preserved in the blood.

However, in Diabetes, high blood sugar level can put extra strain on kidneys.All this extra work on the filters can make them worn out over time.After many years,they start to leak and useful protein is lost in the urine,thus resulting in diabetes kidney disease.In return,proteinuria can accelerate renal function deterioration significantly.

How to reverse proteinuria in diabetes kidney disease?

An easy and effective way to reduce protein in urine is to develop a low-protein diet. Based on the kidney damage degree, proper amount of protein will be added in the daily diet.

Tight control of blood sugar level can reduce strain on kidneys. It also can help lower the leakage of protein in urine.In addition, it is important for the patients to keep blood pressure under control.

The above treatment tips can lower proteinuria in diabetes kidney disease,but can not control it completely.To control proteinuria in diabetes kidney disease fundamentally,the patients should have a treatment to restore the impaired tiny blood vessels in kidneys.Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for the patients with the condition.

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