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High Creatinine And Edema in Legs in Diabetes

2013-10-12 11:46

high creatinine and edema in legs in diabetes Diabetes is a very complex disorder to deal with often accompanying with a host of symptoms and discomforts. High creatinine and edema in legs are two typical signs in diabetes.

High creatinine in Diabetes

Creatinine level is an important index in telling how well your kidneys are functioning.High creatinine in diabetes is associated with kidney damage.The tiny blood vessels in kidneys can filter out wastes and extra fluid from body.However,if blood sugar level keeps high over time,it will cause extra strain on kidneys.Over time,the tiny blood vessels will become leaky.A lot of proteins will leak into urine through the blood vessels.Additionally,high levels of wastes will build up in bloodstream, resulting in high creatinine.

Edema in legs in diabetes

Edema in legs in diabetes is attributed to two causes.Firstly,it is due to leakage of protein in urine.Protein in blood can absorb the fluid and keep right fluid content in body.However,leakage of protein into urine can lower the level of protein in blood.As a result,the fluid can not be retained in blood vessels,but infilter into subcutaneous tissue.Thereby,edema in legs will occur. Another cause of edema in legs is retention of fluid in body. One of important kidney functions is to eliminate the extra fluid from body. However, when kidneys fail to work properly, high levels of fluid will build up in body. It is also an attributor of edema in legs in diabetes.

High creatinine and edema in legs in diabetes may indicate kidney damage.If diabetics have these signs, they should firstly find out if they are caused by kidney damage.

In early stage of diabetes kidney disease, if treatment is adopted early enough, kidney damage can be reversed completely. Otherwise, chronic kidney failure will be the result. Then how to find out the earliest kidney damage in diabetes? Consult with our online doctor now!

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