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Kidney Shrinkage in Diabetes

2013-09-19 14:53

Kidney shrinkage refers to the kidneys becoming smaller than normal in size.The smaller kidneys will not function properly, thus resulting in a myriad of signs and symptoms.Diabetes is one of important causes of kidney shrinkage.

Causes of kidney shrinkage in diabetes

The tiny blood vessels in kidneys act as filters in kidneys and can filter out extra fluid and wastes from body.However,if blood sugar level keeps high,it will cause extra stress on kidneys. Over time,the tiny blood vessels will be impaired and sclerotic. When the tiny blood vessels in in kidneys become sclerotic, the kidneys will reduce in size, thus resulting in kidney shrinkage.

Symptoms of kidney shrinkage in Diabetes

When the tiny blood vessels in kidneys are impaired,they will fail to keep protein in blood.If there is a large amount of proteins in urine,there will be bubbles in urine.The proteins in blood are just like sponge and can hold the fluid in blood vessels. When the levels of proteins in blood reduce,much fluid will infilter into subcutaneous tissue,resulting in edema in legs, eyelids and foot.

Treatment for kidney shrinkage in diabetes

To treat kidney shrinkage in diabetes,the patients should follow the prescribed medications and treatment to control the the associated symptoms like high blood pressure, high blood sugar and proteinuria etc.Control of these symptoms can effectively slow renal function decline.

As mentioned above,kidney shrinkage in diabetes results from damage to the tiny blood vessels in kidneys.To increase the kidney size,the primary treatment goal is to restore the impaired tiny blood vessels.If the blood vessels can recover to filter blood,the kidneys will certainly increase in size.However, there is no such a treatment in traditional western medicine.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for kidney shrinkage in diabetes.It can stimulate the self-regeneration of the impaired tiny blood vessels. In this way, the kidneys will increase in size and renal function will be enhanced.

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