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High Blood Sugar And Bubbles in Urine in Diabetes

2013-09-12 14:19

High blood sugar is a typical sign of diabetes.If it keeps high for a long term, it can give rise to a host of complications. Bubbles in urine commonly occurs among diabetics with a long disease history.

Bubbles in urine in diabetes

High blood sugar is the major culprit of bubbles in urine. Healthy kidneys can filter wastes and extra fluid from body and meanwhile preserve protein in blood.However,if blood sugar level keeps high over time, the kidneys have to work harder to filter blood.Over time,the tiny blood vessels in kidneys will become exhausted and fail to function properly. As a result, a large amount of proteins will be leaked into urine. If there are excess proteins in urine, there will be bubbles in urine. This is how bubbles in urine occurs in diabetes.

How to control bubbles in urine in diabetes?

As mentioned above,bubbles in urine in Diabetes result from protein leakage in urine.To control it,the primary goal of the treatment is to treat protein in urine.

Then how to treat protein in urine in diabetes?High blood sugar is the most significant cause of kidney damage.In early stage of diabetes kidney disease,effective control of blood sugar can reverse the kidney damage.However,if kidneys have been impaired significantly,controlling blood sugar does not work at all. If the kidneys have been impaired severely, treatment should be adopted to restore the kidney tissues to enhance renal function. If the kidneys can work better, they will be able to preserve protein in urine. Hence, the bubbles in urine will be controlled completely and fundamentally.

As kidney damage results from diabetes,the treatment should be able to control diabetes and kidney disease simultaneously. In China,the combined therapy of Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy and Tangyikang is used to treat diabetes with kidney damage.This combined therapy can treat kidney disease from its underlying cause so the patients will avoid further kidney function decline completely and fundamentally.

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