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Tests for Pre-Diabetes

2012-09-19 17:14

Tests for Pre-Diabetes

Pre-Diabetes is characterized by impaired glucose tolerance. By timely detection and active change in lifestye those diagnosed as pre-Diabetes may slow down onset of clinical Diabetes. Pre-diabetes is often diagnosed by using the following two tests:

Oral glucose tolerance test

The OGTT is a screening test that involves testing blood plasma glucose level after one drinks rich glucose content drink(usually a solution containing 75g glucose).

Normal range of blood glucose two hours after the test is less than 140mg/dl.

Two hour blood sugar between 140-200mg/d will be diagnosed as pre-Diabetes.

Those who have a blood plasma blood glucose over 200mg/dl after two hours will be diagnosed as Diabetes.

Read more about the oral glucose tolerance test.

Fasting blood glucose testing

Fasting blood glucose is a screening test for Diabetes or pre-Diabetes.

To do the test the invidual need to fast for at least eight hours.

Those who are at risk of diabetes or pre-Diabetes will be ordered the fasting blood glucose test. Risk factors include family history, being overweight, history of gestational Diabetes, etc.

When a person has a fasting glucose equals to or higher than 110 but no more than 126mg/dl, they are said to have impaired fasting blood glucose, or pre-Diabetes. This will be considered a significant risk factor for developing Diabetes in their later life, but by itself, doesn’t make the diagnosis of Diabetes. Those with a fasting sugar result higher than 126mg/dl will be diagnosed as Diabetes.

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