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Does Ketosteril Have Side Effects While Lowering Creatinine

2013-02-12 11:03

Ketosteril, along with low-protein diets, has been used in clinic to help lower creatinine and treat chronic renal failure, especially those that have GFR lower than 25ml/min.

With low-protein diets (less than 40g/d for adults), ketosteril can be taken for long-term use. It can make use of nitrogens of non-essential amino acids and turn into essential amino acids so as to reduce urea production and at the same time avoiding malnutrition due to lack of protein intake.

Toxicologic study has shown that ketosteril has very low toxicity and it has no feta toxicity. Chronic toxicology research has shown that the minimum poisoning dose for dog is 1200mg/d and for rats it is 2700mg/d.

However ketosteril does cause some side effects at the same time of reducing high creatinine level. It can cause hypercalcemia (high blood calcium) and metabolic disorder of amino acids. High blood calcium can increase cardiac glycoside drugs and increase the risk of cardiac arrhythmia.

In case of hypercalcemia, patients should reduce intake of vitamin D. If hypercalcemia lasts, reduce dosage of ketosteril and the intake of calcium-containing substances.

Besides, hereditary phenylketonuria patients should pay more attention while taking ketosteril because it contains phenylalanine.

Until now, there is no experience of using the ketosteril on gravida and lactation women.

Some notes that helps lower and prevent side effects of ketosteril:

1. Take ketosteril between meals so that the active ingredients can be fulled absorbed and turned into according amino acids.

2. Have regular and close monitoring of blood calcium level and have adequate calorie intake.

3. Reduce the dosage of aluminium hydroxide drugs of you are taking ketosteril and aluminium hydroxide at the same time.

4. Monitor serum phosphorus level.

5. Have at least 2 hours interval between taking ketosteril and the following medicines including tetracydine, quinolones like cipro, norfloxacin, iron, fluoride, etc.

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