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Creatinine Is At 1.9 With Transplanted Kidney

2013-02-07 10:51

The normal creatinine level is 0.5-1.2mg/dl, so we can see that creatinine 1.9 is slightly higher than the normal range.

Kidney transplant is regarded as the last hope for end stage renal disease patients and it is a relatively ideal and effective treatment for restoring the patients’ renal functions by transplanting a healthy kidney to the patients. A successful transplantation of a healthy kidney can enable patients at least 50% kidney functions which can lower the high creatinine level down to normal level. However, it is very common that patients with transplanted kidney will once again suffer from renal failure and high creatinine will once again become a issue bothering them.

Here I will introduce treatments and proper diets for controlling high creatinine and improving life span of the transplanted kidney for kidney transplant patients.

1. Have regular intake of medicines under the doctor’s orders. Organ rejection is one major cause of failure of the transplanted kidneys, therefore patients should have to taken anti-rejection drugs for the rest of their life to help prevent rejection and protect the newly settled kidney.

2. Prevent infections. Various infections are another concern for both kidney transplant patients and their doctors. Kidney problems and the intake of immunosuppressant medicines will much lower the patients’ immunity and make them vulnerable to various infections and viruses. Infections can also induce organ rejections, therefore timely and proper treatments should be received in case of infections.

3. Have close monitoring of vital indicators of the body such as blood pressure, body temperature, urinary changes including blood in urine, protein in urine, urine volume, etc.

4. Have regular and proper physical exercises. Kidney transplant patients are susceptible to gain a lot of body weight. Too quick body weight gain within short time can cause fat metabolic disorder and increase the risk of peripheral vascular diseases which is a great risk factor for renal damages. Proper and regular physical exercises can not only help control body weight but also can help strengthen physical fitness, enhance immunity and improve disease-resistance ability.

5. A good mood and optimistic attitude is also very important even when high creatinine once again appear, patients and families should not worry that much. Early and proper treatments, home nursing cares, proper diets and a good mood can lower the high creatinine 1.9 down.

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