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How to Treat Creatinine 1.7

2013-01-07 02:45

High creatinine is often associated with kidney disease. Though creatinine 1.7 is just slight higher than the normal upper limit (for women it is 1 and for men it is 1.2), it does not mean renal damages are mild. Because creatinine is not sensitive indicator and can not reflect early renal damages though it is widely adopted in clinic to measure renal damages and renal function. There are at least 50% kidney functions have been damaged when there is elevated creatinine.

But do not worry, there is great chance to effectively lower creatinine 1.7 with proper medicines, treatments, diets and nursing cares. Creatinine 1.7 means that your kidney functions begin to be affected


Ketosteril has certain effects on lowering creatinine level by reducing protein intake and at the same time providing necessary amino acids and other nutritions.

·Renal treatments

Though ketosteril can help lower creatinine, the effect can not last long an high creatinine will be on and off and cause a lot of worry and concern to the patients. The root treatments for lowering creatinine 1.7 is to repair damaged renal tissues and improve kidney functions. When kidney functions are increased, these creatinine and other harmful substances like uric acid, urea nitrogen will be discharged by the kidneys and creatinine will be reduced naturally.

Micro-Chinese medicine is a natural renal treatment for lowering creatinine and improving kidney functions. Some herbs in this treatment has the effects of lowering serum creatinine. What is more, active ingredients in this therapy can promote blood circulation and increase blood flow in the kidneys so as to improve ischemia and hypoxia and provide enough blood, oxygen and other necessary nutritions for repairing renal impairments and improving kidney functions. What is more, it is comfortable and simple to have this therapy and patients only need to lay on their back while receiving this external application. Patients can feel relaxed and they can even sense the flowing of their blood.

·Diets and home nursing cares

As has been mentioned above, low-protein diets is very necessary and important for controlling creatinine. Low-protein and low-fat diets can produce less metabolic wastes and toxins so as to reduce burdens to the kidneys and slow down decline rate of renal functions.

Besides, limit salt intake especially if patients develop high blood pressure and edema at the same time of high creatinine. Low-salt diet is good for controlling high blood pressure and help slow down illness progression and prevent further increase of creatinine or at least delay its increase.

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