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Fruit that Help Lower High Creatinine Level

2012-11-28 15:02

cranberry and pomegranatePersistent high creatinine level is an indicator of kidney disease and declined kidney functions. Creatinine is the metabolic product of creatine produced by our body. If kidneys function normally, the creatinine can be cleared out of the blood and discharged with urine. However in case of kidney diseases and when more than half kidney functions have been damaged, creatinine can not be filtered outside and will build up in blood and cause higher than normal creatinine level.

From the above analysis, we can see damaged renal function is the root cause of high creatinine and only if renal functions are improved can high creatinine be lowered from the root or creatinine will be once again increase due to continuous muscle metabolism.

Kidney disease patients with high creatinine level should have more foods that contain rich vitamins especially vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin 3. Fresh vegetables and fruits can be said to be the best resources. A study published in Turkey found that the supply of vitamin C can reduce creatinine level in rats with kidney diseases. This is because vitamin C has protective and oxidative effects. However for healthy people, supply of vitamin C can increase creatinine level.

We know that healthy renal diets have some certain restrictions such as low-protein and limitations on sodium, potassium, phosphorus and fluid. Therefore there are some foods and drinks that should be avoided or limited by them.

Here I recommend two kinds of fruits that are conducive for protecting kidney functions so as to reduce creatinine. One is cranberry and the other is pomegranate.

It has found that cranberry juice can help promote normal kidney functions and prevent developing kidney-related healthy problems. The most prominent effects are preventing urinary tract infections and kidney stones which are very common in kidney diseases and will further worsen kidney conditions if not treated properly and timely. Pomegranate has the similar effects as cranberry.

Both cranberry and pomegranate contain a lot of sugar, therefore the intake should be moderate to avoid too much body weight. And for those that have high blood sugar level, a dietitian or nutritionist should be consulted. So long as kidney function is protected or at least its decline rate is slowed down will there be decrease of creatinine level.

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