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Natural Foods to Lower Creatinine on Dialysis Patients

2012-11-27 14:34

It is expected that dialysis can reduce the patients’ elevated creatinine, however, during the two sessions of dialysis patients have their creatinine increased, for which they are expecting some natural foods that can help them to lower their creatinine. There are indeed some dietary tips that help to manage your creatinine while on dialysis, and the following will provide you some regarding information.

For patients with advanced stage of kidney disease, the type of diet that lowers creatinine should restrict the intake of proteins, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. During human activities, muscle cells break down and form a waste product called as creatinine. Creatinine is normally filtered by bloodstream so that serum creatinine can stay within normal range. As kidney function decreases, creatinine can build up in the bloodstream. The kidneys normally filter the unneeded fluid out of the body and regulate balances of electrolytes such as potassium, phosphorus and sodium.

The intake of proteins should be restricted for every kidney disease patient, but when on dialysis, the patients require a higher protein intake compared to people who are not on dialysis so as to compensate the protein loss during dialysis treatment. Eating adequate amount of proteins help to control the amount of creatinine the body produces and maintain good nutrition status to avoid malnutrition. Protein can be divided into two categories: high and low quality. For dialysis diet, high-quality protein, for example, meat, poultry, fish and egg whites are most desirable.

In advanced stage of kidney disease, the kidneys don’t work as effectively to maintain normal fluid and electrolyte balances. Eating less sodium, phosphorus and potassium prevents these substances from building up in the bloodstream, and reducing fluid intake prevents fluid from building up in the bloodstream. Doing these things will make it easier for the kidneys to filter creatinine out of the blood and reduce creatinine levels. In their diet, the patients should avoid sodium content foods such as fast food, frozen meals, canned vegetables, pickled or cured meat, canned soup, cheese, salted pretzels and salted potato chips.

The above is the dietary advice for kidney dialysis patients. Creatinine is produced by our muscle activities so we can not eliminate creatinine production. The failing kidneys are chiefly responsible for the elevated creatinine. Dialysis is an artificial method to reduce the elevated creatinine in hours; but after dialysis creatinine rises gradually while kidneys don’t reduce it. The diet as mentioned helps to reduce kidney overload and stabilize the illness condition.

To get creatinine lowered effectively, we will need to know improving kidney filtering function is the only choice. If the patients have just started dialysis or dialysis not long, Chinese herbal medicine treatment that treats the scarred kidneys is suggested. You may subscribe to our kidney-cares community for more on herbal medicine treatment progression on kidney disease and daily care for management of dialysis.

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