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High Creatinine Level 729umol/L Is Reduced To 379umol/L

2017-03-13 03:02

Do you know how high creatinine level 729umol/L is reduced to 379umol/L. The following will give you a patient story. With Chinese medicine treatments, not only high creatinine level is reduced but also renal function is improved.

This lady is from Shanghai and she has bothered by proteinuria, occult blood and swelling for many years. What’s worse, since chronic kidney disease is not under good control, her kidney function has been in uremia stage. Her local hospital showed her serum creatinine is 729umol/L which means there are lots of toxins and wastes in her body. She takes a long time of western medicines but her creatinine level is not reduced.

Occasionally she knows our hospital from other kidney patients and learns our hospital is to use Chinese medicines to recover renal function. She comes to our hospital for a try under the accompany of her family members.

When she just comes to our hospital, she has severe swelling in legs and face. Her creatinine level in our hospital is 700umol/L and 24h urine protein quantity is 3g. Her condition is serious.
Chinese Medicines for High Creatinine 729umol/L

In order to control her condition, our experts gather together to discuss her condition and then make a treatment plan for this lady.

Her treatment plan includes Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy and also oral Chinese medicine soup so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating swelling and discharging toxins.

After half month of our Chinese medicine treatment, her creatinine level is reduced to 379umol/L. Besides, there are also changes in her urine. Her urine volume is increased to 1500ml from 700ml. Urine color becomes muddy from clear. This indicates her renal function is gradually recovering and toxins are discharged out of her body.
Chinese Medicines for High Creatinine 729umol/L

It is very important for kidney patients to choose correct treatment, otherwise, you can not get a good result.

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