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What to Do if Creatinine Level Does Not Come Down

2016-09-25 08:27

What to Do if Creatinine Level Does Not Come DownCreatinine is a micromolecule waste product of meat metabolism. Clinically we use serum creatinine level to judge how severely your kidneys are damaged. If creatinine creatinine does not come down, what to do? I think not a few patients have the similar trouble, go on reading to learn more information.

Why we use creatinine level to measure the damaged kidneys?

Creatinine is usually excreted out of the body by glomeruli with urine. If kidneys are damaged, creatinine can not be removed out normally, so it can only go into blood, leading to elevation of creatinine level. However, due to the immense compensatory ability of kidneys, slight kidney damage does not cause elevation of serum creatinine level. Therefore, when there is an obvious increase of serum creatinine level, it indicates kidney insufficiency.

If there is simply elevation of creatinine level, your doctor may suggest you no treatment. Only when it is higher than 500umol/L, hemodialysis is applied. When your kidney disease develops to uremia, dialysis becomes the only treatment.

But dialysis is only a way to cleanse the blood. It can not stop the production and elevation of creatinine. And dialysis can only remove micromolecule waste products in the blood, while the other waste products remain in the blood. Fortunately, blood purification techniques get developed. Plasma exchange, blood filtration and other new techniques appear, which can help remove other waste products.

To prevent the elevation of creatinine is the final aim of treatment.

We all know that only when kidney function is severely damaged does your creatinine level increase obviously. Therefore, to prevent the elevation of creatinine, you should stop the kidney function from impairing further. That is to say,m you should protect renal cells from scarring. Obviously, dialysis can not help you do it.

In China, we use Chinese medicine to clear those deposited immune complexes in the kidneys through improving blood circulation and dredging the channels. It ca also promote microcirculation to improve ischemia and anoxia of renal cells to prevent them from scarring. Besides, it can clear toxins in the blood. With the improvement of kidney function, creatinine can be excreted out of body naturally.

What to do if your creatinine level does not come down? Now you get the answer. For more information on our treatment, please feel free to contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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