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High Creatinine Level Is Reduced To 183umol/L From 463umol/L After 15 Days Treatment

2016-07-23 06:09

High Creatinine Level Is Reduced To 183umol/L From 463umol/L After 15 Days TreatmentIt is possible to reduce high creatinine level without dialysis. A patient’s high creatinine level 463umol/L is reduced to 183umol/L after 15 days of Chinese Medicine Treatment. Follow us to see how Chinese medicines reduce high creatinine level naturally.

Is high creatinine level 463umol/L dangerous?

Creatinine is a waste in our body and it is usually discharged out by our kidneys. However, when kidneys are damaged, they fail to do this job so creatinine will accumulate in your body. In this condition, high creatinine level will occur. Too much creatinine in your body are toxic to your body. Lots of toxins in your body will reduce the effect of medication you take. Also these toxins can damage your kidney intrinsic cells and cause intracellular toxin. If these toxins can not be removed from your kidney intrinsic cells, the therapeutic effect will not be good.

Besides, high creatinine level can also make you nausea, vomiting, poor appetite or itchy skin. You may be recommended by your doctor to take dialysis. Dialysis is an artificial kidney to help damaged kidneys to remove wastes from your body. It can alleviate your discomforts to some extent but it can not improve renal function. That is, after dialysis, your creatinine level may elevate again.

How does high creatinine level 463umol/L reduce 183umol/L after 15 days treatment?

Our hospital treats high creatinine level with Toxin-Removing Treatment which includes a series of Chinese medicine treatments such as Medicated Bath, Medicated Foot Bath, Mai Kang Mixture, Medicinal Soup, Moxibustion Therapy, Steaming Therapy and Enema Therapy, etc. Through cleansing your blood, a favorable blood environment is provided. In this condition, your renal function will be improved gradually and then high creatinine level will be lowered naturally. The active ingredients in Chinese medicines can dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, prevent inflammation and coagulation, degrade extracellular matrix and provide nutrients so as to enhance renal function. When renal function is improved, not only high creatinine level can be reduced but also dialysis frequency can be reduced or even be avoided.

It is true to lower high creatinine level 463umol/L to 183umol/L after 15 days of Toxin-Removing Treatment. If you want to learn more information, you can leave a message below or consult our online doctor directly.

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