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How to Stop Fast Increasing of Serum Creatinine Level

2016-02-20 07:26

How to Stop Fast Increasing of Serum Creatinine LevelDoes your serum creatinine level increase fast? If yes, you should be alert, as it indicates you are stepping toward kidney failure. Well, how can we stop fast increasing of serum creatinine level, so that we can stay away from dialysis? Read on to get more information.

Serum creatinine level becomes higher and higher when more and more creatinine build up in blood. That is to say, if we want to stop further increase of serum creatinine level, we need to stop creatinine from accumulating in blood. Creatinine is one of the metabolic wastes produced in our body and normally excreted by our kidneys. From this point of view, as long as we get kidney function improved, fast increasing of serum creatinine level is stopped. More importantly, it is quite possible for serum creatinine level goes back to normal range with good kidney function.

In China, a systematic Chinese medicine treatment is applied to repair damaged kidney and strengthen residual kidney function, so as to restore kidney function and thus reduce serum creatinine level. This systematic Chinese medicine treatment does not refers to an oral medicine, but a combination of a series of Chinese medicine and Chinese therapies. This comprehensive treatment is mainly composed of following four parts:

1. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is not an oral medicine, but an external application of a series of kidney-beneficial herbs. These herbs are crushed into powder and then packed with special gauze. When we take this treatment, we just need to lie on bed with medicine bags on kidney location for 30-40 minutes. This herbal treatment is a great innovation of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), which can increase self-repairing ability of kidney, alleviate renal ischemia and renal anoxia. More importantly, as all the herbs are used externally, no side effects are caused during the whole treatment process. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy plays a very important role in restoring kidney function and stop fast increasing of serum creatinine level.

2. Mai Kang Mixture

Mai Kang Mixture is an oral Chinese medicine, which can nourish kidney, regulate blood pressure, adjust glycometabolism, strengthen immune system, fight against atherosclerosis and repair renal endothelial cells injured by toxins in blood.

3. Medicinal foot bath

This is a traditional Chinese therapy, which can promote kidney healthy by improving blood circulation, and stimulating kidney-related acupoints. In this systematic Chinese medicine treatment, medicinal foot bath is usually used as an adjuvant therapy.

4. Traditional Chinese medicine decoction

Herbs like Common Achyranthes Herb, and Snow Lotus Herb might be used to repair kidney damages, but which herbs to used is based on specific illness condition.

This systematic Chinese medicine treatment is able to rebuild damaged kidney structure to restore kidney function. We know creatinine build up in blood because damaged kidneys can not work well to get them removed. Therefore, when we get kidney function improved with this systematic Chinese medicine treatment, serum creatinine level goes back to normal range finally.

Serum creatinine level is an indicator for kidney condition. If your serum creatinine level is increasing fast now, it means your kidney function is decreasing fast. In such a case, you need to take effective treatment to stop further decline of kidney function; otherwise, dialysis will be required by you in near future.

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