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Besides Dialysis, How Can High Creatinine 1500 Be Reduced

2016-01-19 03:15

Besides Dialysis, How Can High Creatinine 1500 Be ReducedHigh creatinine level usually means there are extra creatinine building up in your blood, which may be a sign of kidney damage. Creatinine level 1500 is extremely high and it means there are lots of creatinine building up in your blood. This is a very dangerous condition if left untreated. Dialysis is the most common remedy to lower high creatinine level. However, how can high creatinine 1500 be reduced besides dialysis?

1. Common herbal tea can lower high creatinine level 1500 to some extent.

Chamomile tea

A study found decreased creatinine levels in study participants who drink chamomile tea. Drink a few cups of chamomile tea daily.

Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle tea can help remove metabolic wastes and promote renal excretion due to its diuretic properties. Besides, it also purifies blood and enhances your immunity.

Dandelion root tea

This tea also works as a natural diuretic to remove wastes to reduce high creatinine levels. It also helps improve kidney function and relieve edema or swelling because of water retention.

2. Eat less meat and limit physical activities

Creatinine is the end product of meat, including meat we eat and muscles. Therefore, eating less meat and doing less drastic physical activities can reduce high creatinine level to some extent.

3. Restore of kidney function

For you with kidney disease, creatinine level in blood increases as kidneys are damaged and have difficulty in discharging excess creatinine. Seeing from this point of view, only when kidney function is restored, can high creatinine level 1500 be reduced fundamentally.

To restore kidney function, we suggest Blood Pollution Therapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Blood Pollution Therapy is first used to purify your blood. This therapy treats blood instead of the kidneys. Various blood purification therapies like immune adsorption, plasma exchange and hemofiltration, etc may be used to excrete wastes from your blood. Blood Pollution Therapy can set up a good blood environment for kidney recovery. After blood is purified, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can restore kidney function very well. This therapy is used externally so patients just need to lie in the bed to take this treatment. People say it is like a massage and feel very comfortable. After your condition is stable, you can do this treatment at home by yourself to consolidate curative effects.

As patients from different countries with different conditions, home remedies should differ from each other. Leave your condition in the below chart. We are glad to inform you the local home remedy that is specific for you.

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