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What Medicine Will I Take for My High Creatinine Level 280

2016-01-16 07:38

What Medicine Will I Take for My High Creatinine Level 280“Hi, doctor. What medicine will I take for my high creatinine level? It is 280umol/ml now.” When seeing the abnormal indicators of medical test report, many kidney patients can not help becoming anxious. Kidney Cares Community reminds you: to take treatment aggressively, you will recover quickly from kidney disease.

What does high creatinine level 280 mean?

For female, normal creatinine level ranges from 44 to 99 umol/L; while for male, it ranges from 53 to 106. In different districts, this normal range may vary a little. But yours is higher than the normal range. The output of creatinine is mainly responsible by kidneys, so the elevation of creatinine level indicates that your kidneys are damaged and your kidney function declines. However, your case is not that severe, there is still 50% possibility for you to normalize creatinine level and lead a normal life.,

Medicine for high creatinine level 280

Ketosteril and medicinal activated coal are often used to treat high creatinine level. In short-term, they are helpful. But attention! Ketosteril is to reduce the intake of protein, which is a source of creatinine to decrease the production of creatinine. Medicinal activated coal is to absorb the creatinine in the blood to lower creatinine level. Your creatinine level gets under control with them, but when you stop the medicine, your creatinine level may increase again.

From the above, we know that high creatinine level is associated with the damaged kidneys, so to lower high creatinine level, you should repair the damaged kidneys and promote kidney function. Here we Kidney Cares Community recommend a systemic treatment—Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Foot Bath, Mai Kang Composition and various Medicinal Soup.

Generally speaking, after one week’s treatment, symptoms associated with kidney damage will alleviate, such as weak feeling, swelling, cold hands, pale skin, poor appetite, etc. After one month’s treatment, protein in urine will disappear, creatinine level will decline, GFR will increase, etc. But to achieve a better therapeutic effect, this systemic treatment usually consists for several months.

What medicine will I take for my high creatinine level 280? Now you have a clear mind. If you want to get more personalized and professional guidance on treatment, please leave a message below or send emails to kidneycares@hotmail.com.

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