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High Creatinine Level 3.8, BUN Level 74, Is This In ESRD

2015-11-10 02:34

Does Creatinine level 3.8 and BUN level 74 mean ESRD?Creatinine level and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) level are two important measurements for kidney function. Some people may reply on creatinine level and BUN level to indicate which stage kidney disease they are in. High creatinine level 3.8, BUN level 74, is this in End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)?

First, what is the normal range of BUN and Creatinine level?

The normal BUN level is 10-20 mg/dL or 3.6-7.1mmol/L for adult. And normal creatinine level is 0.6 to 1.2mg/dL in adult males and 0.5 to 1.1 mg/dL in adult female.

From the above, we can see your current creatinine level and BUN level are quite higher than the normal range. Although the exact damage concition cannot be given without further tests, one thing is sure that at least half of kidney function has been lost. It is not sure whether you are in ESRD only replying on high creatinine level 3.8 and BUN level 74. It is a must that you should take proper treatment to prevent further deterioration or at least slow down the progression into the final stage.

To determine which stage of kidney disease you are in, it cannot be given with only BUN and creatinine levels. But you can calculate your GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) and Ccr (Clearance rate of creatinine) which can help you know the severity of your kidney damage and your kidney stage. You can ask your doctor or our online doctor to know how to calculate your GFR level or Ccr. Based on GFR, you can know which stage of kidney disease you are in.

According to GFR level, kidney disease can be divided into 5 stages:

CKD stage 1: GFR is more than 90

CKD stage 2: GFR is 60-89

CKD stage 3: GFR is 30-59

CKD stage 4: GFR is 15-29

CKD stage 5: GFR is below 15

Is there natural remedy for high creatinine level 3.8 and BUN level 74?

In our hospital, we use Chinese medicines to improve kidney function so as to lower high creatinine level and BUN level. The effective ingredients in Chinese medicines can come to kidney lesion directly with the help of osmosis device. They can expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation to discharge wastes out of the body. Besides, Chinese medicines can also restore injured kidney cells and improve part of kidney function. As long as kidney function, high creatinine level 3.8 and high BUN level 74 will be decreased from the root. End stage renal disease can be delayed.

If you have any question, you can leave us a message below or consult our online doctor directly. We are here with you.

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