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Is Mangosteen Tea Good For A Person With High Creatinine Level

2015-11-03 03:32

Is Mangosteen Tea Good For A Person With High Creatinine LevelDiet is an integral part in the treatment of kidney disease. One of the major complications of kidney problem is high serum creatinine level. And patients frequently ask how to lower high creatinine level. Mangosteen fruit has been used by natural healing practitioners. Is Mangosteen tea good for a person to lower high creatinine level?

What does it mean if you have have high creatinine level?

In clinic, creatinine level is an important indicator for kidney function. When kidneys are damaged and fail to work, creatinine level will rise and become the toxins. That is to say, high creatinine level means that kidney disease has developed into serious stage. In order to protect residual kidney function, it is very important for you to lower high creatinine level.

Is mangosteen good to lower high creatinine level?

Mangosteen is able to regulate blood pressure and heart rate. This fruit is rich in magnesium. Magnesium helps control the electrical function of the heart, which can keep the heart rate and blood pressure under control and promote a regular heart rate. Heart disease is one of those illnesses they call a silent killer in kidney disease so it is ok for kidney disease patients to eat fruits which are good for the heart including mangosteen. Besides, mangosteen helps fight hypertension which is another one of the leading causes of kidney disease. It also aids in bad breath, diabetes, anemia and high cholesterol, etc. Although mangosteen has so many health benefits, there is no evidence that shows mangosteen can lower high creatinine level.

Thus, if you want to lower high creatinine level, you can try our Chinese Medicine Treatments. One of the most effective treatments is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is used externally and recover kidney function through expanding blood vessels, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix, improving blood circulation and providing necessary nutrients. In this therapy, damaged kidneys can be repaired to some extent and then kidney function will be improved. High serum creatinine level will be lowered naturally. If you need more information about our Chinese Medicine Treatments, you can leave us a message below or consult our online doctor directly. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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