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What Treatment Is For High Creatinine Level 3.5mg/dl

2015-10-08 09:17

What Treatment Is For High Creatinine Level 3.5mg/dlWhat treatment is for high creatinine level 3.5mg/dl? Creatinine level is an important measurement for kidney function. The higher the creatinine level, the lower kidney function is. The treatment for lowering high creatinine level is concerned by most people. You will find the answer in this article.

Here we recommend alternative remedies for high creatinine level and dialysis & kidney transplant is the last option but not the only choice for kidney disease.

In our hospital, the main characteristic is Chinese medicine treatment which can treat kidney disease from the root. Here I recommend top 3 Chinese Medicine Treatment which can lower high creatinine level radically.

1. Four One Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment

It refers to four kinds of Chinese medical treatments including one bottle of Mai Kang Mixture, One pair of Medicinal Soup, one dose of external application Chinese medicine and one basin of foot bath. Different treatments show different treatment effects. After this systematic and natural treatment, injured kidney tissues and cells can be well repaired and renal function can be well improved. When kidney function is improved, it can lower high creatinine level from the root. Of course, different illness conditions will choose different herbs.

2. Medicated full bath

With medicated full bath, you can feel your whole body warm and you begin to sweat. In this way, wastes and toxins can be eliminated from the body and creatinine level decreases naturally.

3. Blood Purification therapy

High creatinine level means there are many toxins in your body. With blood flow, the toxins will pollute your whole body and cause further kidney damage. Thus, the first step for kidney disease should start from purifying blood. Moreover, this therapy also supplies some essential nutrients for blood, which promotes recover your kidneys.

Our Chinese medicine treatments have no side effects so you can take them safely. If you have any question about our treatment, you can leave us a message below or send an email to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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