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Is It Possible To Lower Creatinine Level 3.8 Without Dialysis

2015-08-27 01:52

Is It Possible To Lower Creatinine Level 3.8 Without DialysisAs we all know, dialysis will be required to discharge wastes from the blood so as to lower high creatinine level. Creatinine level 3.8 is higher than the normal range. Once creatinine level is higher than normal, it indicates at least half of kidney function has been damaged. It is necessary to take treatment immediately. Dialysis is one therapy to replace injured kidneys to purify blood. Is there other alternative remedy?

1. Dialysis is not the only way to lower high creatinine level.

Dialysis can lower high creatinine level effectively. However, it only lowers high creatinine level for a while. In other words, as it is just a kidney replacement therapy, it cannot work as 24 hours per day as the kidneys do. Dialysis is a sustaining-life therapy but not a saving life one. It cannot help improve kidney function. Once you stop dialysis, creatinine and other wastes will build up in the blood again. Thus, it is not wise for patients to choose dialysis to lower high creatinine level.

2. Is there any other remedy to lower high creatinine level?

Ways to reduce the formation of creatinine

Creatinine is generated from creatine during muscular metabolism so we can reduce creatinine formation from two aspects. One is to avoid creatine-containing foods such as meat and creatine supplement and the other is to avoid strenuous exercise.

Ways to discharge more creatinine from the body

Medicated bath and Circle therapy can promote sweating and open your pores so as to discharge more creatinine and other wastes from the body via skin. Enema therapy can promote creatinine to be eliminated through intestinal tract. Besides, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can repair injured kidneys to increase GFR, lowering high creatinine level radically.

The above are some of the therapies to lower high creatinine level. If you want to get detailed treatment information, you can leave us a message below or send an email to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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