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How To Treat Creatinine 3.1 With Brain Stroke And Hard Breath

2015-08-24 01:45

How To Treat Creatinine 3.1 With Brain Stroke And Hard BreathCreatinine 3.1 is much higher than normal level (0.5-1.2). Elevation of creatinine means kidney function drops more than 50%, so it can not remove excessive creatinine from body through urine. Hard breath and brain stroke may be resulted in with accumulation of wastes and fluids. What is the effective way to treat creatinine 3.1 with brain stroke and hard breath?

Decline of kidney function is the key to these symptoms. If kidney function gets recovered well, excessive creatinine will be removed from body, as well as other wastes and fluids. In this way, kidney condition is improved, and other systems in body are not affected by build up of wastes. Chinese medicine which has a long history of treating diseases in China has been used to treat kidney disease for many years in clinic. What is more, results and statistics shows that Chinese medicine has very good effects on kidney function. It can prevent inflammation, promote blood circulation, expand blood vessels, enhance immunity and degrade fibrosis. Kidney function can be under recovery gradually after periods of Chinese medicine. Moreover, hard breath and brain strike can get alleviated well. Chinese medicine treats diseases fundamentally, and improve the whole system of body well.

Hence, patients are suggested to have a try of Chinese medicine to treat kidney disease and other symptoms. Daily diet plays an important role in treating diseases. Patients with high creatinine should eat food which contains low phosphorus, low potassium, low protein, low salt. Otherwise, conditions can be worsened with a bad diet. Eating much vitamins is beneficial for patients with creatinine 3.1.

A healthy diet and Chinese medicine makes patients with creatinine 3.1 and hard breath get the best effects. Moreover, Chinese medicine has no side effects and is very convenient to operate. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Hot Compress Therapy are widely used to treat kidney disease in clinic. If you have any doubt or need more information, welcome to consult our online doctor or leave a message. Quickest reply will be given.

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