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Food And Medicine For High Creatinine Level 2.9

2015-07-21 03:38

Food And Medicine For High Creatinine Level 2.9The normal creatinine level is 0.5-1.3mg/dL so creatinine level 2.9mg/dL is higher than the normal range. High creatinine level can be an indicator of kidney function or dysfunction. If left untreated, it will be dangerous. Here we recommend some food and medicines to lower high creatinine level.

1. Diet to lower high creatinine level

Protein intake

Kidney disease patients should eat less protein to reduce the workload of the kidneys and reduce the amount of creatinine the body produces.

Phosphorus and potassium intake

Eating less potassium and phosphorus prevents these substances from building up in the bloodstream. High potassium foods to avoid include tomatoes, oranges, potatoes, chocolate and nuts. And high phosphorus foods to avoid include corn, chocolate, dairy products, fish and eggs.

Plenty of fluid intake

Dehydration can lead to an increase in serum creatinine. Increasing fluid intake can help avoid dehydration and eliminate the possibility of elevating creatinine levels. Drinks with caffeine and carbonation should be avoided.

2. Medicines to lower high creatinine level

Western medicine-Ketosteril

Ketosteril can supply amino acids and at the same time reduce protein-related metabolic wastes and toxins so as to lower high creatinine level. And it can also help ease the symptoms which are caused by building up of toxins in blood.

Chinese medicines

Chinese medicines can also help lower high creatinine level effectively. Compared with western medicines, Chinese medicines have less side effects and are more radical on repairing injured kidney tissues.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a brand new Chinese medicine treatment. And it can help repair injured kidney tissues and improve kidney function, which can lower high creatinine level fundamentally. If you want to know detailed information about this therapy, you can consult our online expert or leave a message below. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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