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How Can I Reduce The Creatinine Level Through Diet

2015-06-11 14:10

How Can I Reduce The Creatinine Level Through DietHow can i reduce the creatinine level through diet? Creatinine level can be lowered through lifestyle changes, such as reducing physical activity, making dietary changes and staying hydrated, This article will give you information on how to lower high creatinine level through diet.

With high creatinine level, you should avoid salty foods, large portion protein foods and high potassium foods as well as high phosphorus foods.

1. High sodium foods

Salt and high sodium foods will make your body retain more fluids, which elevates blood pressure and may cause further damage to your kidneys. Therefore, sodium intake must be reduced to only a few grams per day.

2. Avoid eating too much protein

Consuming too much protein in your diet workloads your kidneys. Protein is found in variety of different types of foods including meat, poultry, seafood, beans, milk, grains and vegetables. You have no need to avoid all of them, but you may need to avoid eating large quantities if your creatinine is high.

3. Avoid foods with high phosphorus

Phosphorus can be found in nuts, cheese, pork, shellfish, pumpkin, squash, soybeans and low-fat dairy products. High creatinine level patients need to avoid these foods. The kidneys work hard to process phosphorus-rich foods so as to avoid a strain on the kidneys.

4. Cut off high potassium foods

If your creatinine level is high, your kidney may have a hard time eliminating potassium from your blood. High potassium is dangerous and can lead to an irregular heartbeat or muscle weakness. High potassium foods such as avocados, bananas, oranges, prunes, potatoes, beans, tomatoes and brown rice should be avoided.

In addition, some natural herbs can also lower high creatinine level such as chamomile tea, stinging nettle, dandelion root, cinnamon, siberian ginseng and astragalus. Since high creatinine levels may indicate kidney problems and kidney damage, it is best to see your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. If elevated creatinine level is related to damaged kidney, you need to take methods to repair injured kidney tissues and improve kidney function. Only in this way can high creatinine level be reduced radically and effectively.

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