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Is Creatinine 4.5 High Enough for Dialysis

2015-04-25 03:53

Is Creatinine 4.5 High Enough for DialysisWhen your creatinine level is very high, you may have a lot of body malaise. In such case, you have to do dialysis to cleanse your blood. Is creatinine 4.5 high enough for dialysis?

What does creatinine 4.5 mean for kidney patients?

Creatinine 4.5 is far beyond the normal range (0.5-1.2 mg/dL), which means more than 50% kidney function has been lost and toxin concentration in the blood is very high.

When you should do dialysis depends on your condition. Under normal circumstance, when it is as high as 6-7 mg/dL, you need dialysis. If you feel extremely uncomfortable now, for example, you have nausea, vomit, headache, muscle cramp, body pain and so on, dialysis is needed.

How to lower creatinine 4.5 for kidney patients?

Besides dialysis, there are many therapies to help you lower creatinine 4.5. Now let’s have a look at several of them.

-Circle therapy. It is to draw circles on certain acupoints of your body with processed herbs. And then toxins in your body can be draw out.

-Medicated bath. It can make you perspiration. And then some waste products in your body can be passed out with sweat. It can also increase your urine out, which is also helpful for creatinine level reduction.

-Enema therapy. It is to infiltrate certain medical soup into the intestinal tract, which can help bowel movement and detoxification.

The fundamental way to lower creatinine is to repair the damaged kidneys and restore kidney function. You can combine the above therapies with 4M treatment (Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Mai Kang Composition, Medicated Foot Bath and various Medical Soup) to achieve a good therapeutic effect.

Is creatinine 4.5 high enough for dialysis? No, it is not very high. It is still possible for you to promote kidney function to lower creatinine 4.5 with proper treatment. If you are interested in our treatment, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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