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Is Camote Good for High Creatinine

2015-04-20 08:00

Is Camote Good for High CreatinineCamote is also known as sweet potato. It contains many nutrients our body needs, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron, magnesium and some other trace elements. Is camote good for high creatinine?

Camote consumption does not affect creatinine level.

Creatinine level is a waste products of muscle contraction and to a small extent comes from the meat consumption. Because camote does not contain creatine, it can not raise your creatinine level further.

Eating camote regularly has many health benefits.

-Rich vitamin C in camote can strengthen your immune system so as to help you ward off cold and flu viruses.

-Camote is also a great source of vitamin D, which helps build healthy bones so as to prevent renal bone diseases.

-Heart disease is a common complication of kidney disease. Camote is good for heart because of its high content of vitamin B6 and potassium. Vitamin B6 is helps keep the walls of blood vessels flexible and healthy so that blood can flow through freely. Potassium can rid the body of excess sodium, regulate fluid balance and then natural rhythm of the heart so as to reduce the risk of heart failure.

It can also help you control diabetes, anemia, aging, etc.

How to lower creatinine level?

Diet indeed helps you control of kidney disease, but it is not enough. High creatinine level usually results from kidney damage, so to lower creatinine level, you should repair the damaged kidneys. 4M treatment (Mai Kang Composition, Medicated Bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and various Medicinal Soup) can make you perspiration and stimulate your kidneys to urinate so that some waste products can be passed out of the body. They can also dilate blood vessels and activate blood circulation to remove stasis and improve blood circulation. Besides, they can inhibit kidney inflammation and stop kidney fibrosis so as to prevent further kidney damage. After a period of treatment, creatinine level will go down.

Is camote good for high creatinine? It do not affect your creatinine, but it can bring you some other health benefits. If you want to lower creatinine level, you should take advantage of a proper treatment. For more information, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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