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What Are The Things To Lower Creatinine Without Dialysis

2015-04-12 06:59

What Are The Things To Lower Creatinine Without DialysisHow can high creatinine level go without dialysis? Creatinine is a waste product and normally it is discharged out of the body via kidneys. High creatinine level usually indicates kidney problem. Thus, dialysis is often recommended to lower high creatinine level and it can decrease high creatinine level to some extent. However, it also causes some side effects like nausea, vomiting, muscle cramp and headache, etc. What’s worse, creatinine level will rise again after dialysis. Well then, can high creatinine level be lowered without dialysis?

Chinese medicine treatment for high creatinine level with no dialysis

If you want to lower high creatinine level without dialysis, you can have a try of Chinese medicine treatment-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) but it is different from TCM. According to your medical condition, different herbs will be chosen and it is used externally. The active ingredients can come to kidney lesion directly and have the function of dilating blood vessels, degrading extracellular matrix, preventing inflammation and coagulation, and providing nutrients for damaged kidneys. After a period of treatment, impaired kidneys can be restored to some extent and renal function can be enhanced greatly. Thus, high creatinine level can be lowered naturally and radically.

Healthy living habit for high creatinine level

Control protein intake and reduce ectogenic creatinine production. Reduce activity because the creatinine is the metabolic products of muscle. Reducing activity can reduce creatinine production.

If a person with high creatinine level takes Chinese medicine treatment, he has a great chance to get rid of dialysis. Thus, curing disease from the root is the correct and effective treatment method for high creatinine level.

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