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Is Creatinine 1.8 Serious

2012-10-22 11:10

Creatinine 1.8 is serious as it is higher than the normal value 1.3. Creatinine level is an index helping to reflect how well kidneys function. Generally speaking, the poorer the kidney function, the higher the creatinine level. However, as creatinine level 1.8 is not too high, many people do not take it seriously. Actually, this is a totally wrong attitude.

Why creatinine 1.8 is serious?

We know creatinine 1.8 is not high too much compared with normal value, but it indicates serious kidney problem, as serum creatinine does not increase until a half of kidney function is damaged.

Our kidney is composed of tens and thousands of nephrons which work together to help us filter blood, regulate blood pressure, form urine and discharge wastes produced by our body and so on. There are so many nephrons that we feel nothing different when only a small number of nephrons are damaged. Also this is the reason why kidney problem in early stage is easy to be ignored. According to clinical study, creatinine level increases when at least a half of kidney function is impaired, so creatinine 1.8 means kidneys have been damaged seriously.

How to lower creatinine 1.8?

Without effective control, creatinine continue to increase and finally reach to the level need dialysis. Therefore, lowering creatinine level means a lot for kidney disease patients.

To achieve the purpose of lowering creatinine level fundamentally, both medical treatment and scientific diet are necessary:

Medical treatment: Creatinine level increases because many of renal tissues are damaged, which makes kidneys unable in discharging excessive creatinine timely and fully. Therefore, the best treatment for high creatinine should be able to repair kidney damages and recover kidney function.

Dietary principles: Proper diet is helpful for protecting residual kidney function and it refers to low-protein diet, low-phosphorus diet, low-salt die, low-potassium and low-fluid diet if there is welling.

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