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How Can You Treat Elevated Creatinine Level

2015-03-12 09:33

How Can You Treat Elevated Creatinine LevelDoctors usually hear their patients complain about their high creatinine level. Elevated creatinine level is usually dangerous because it is related to kidney disease. Therefore, many patients are asking how to treat elevated creatinine level.

You can lower high creatinine level from the following therapies:

1. reduce creatinine production

You should control protein intake and reduce ectogenic creatinine production. Reduce activity. This is because creatinine is the metabolic products of muscle. Reducing activity can reduce creatinine production.

2. dialysis

Dialysis can reduce creatinine level rapidly, but its disadvantage is worsening kidney function and leading to kidney damage. Dialysis is a solution but it is not the only way. Moreover, it cannot lower high creatinine level radically.

3. repair kidney damage and improve kidney function

Western medicines have no remedies that can repair damaged kidneys and improve kidney function nowadays while traditional Chinese medicine treatment can repair damaged kidneys and improve renal function through absorbing enough blood and oxygen, controlling inflammation, restraining renal fibrosis progression and recovering renal filtration. As long as kidney function is improved, renal detoxification function will be strengthened, creatinine will be reduced. Chinese medicine is the most radical method for treating kidney disease.

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