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How to Cure High Creatinine Naturally

2015-02-22 01:52

How to Cure High Creatinine NaturallyHigh creatinine level is dangerous because it not only means poor kidney function, but also high levels of toxins in blood. Dialysis or kidney transplant is required to purify blood when serum creatinine level increases to a certain level, so getting high creatinine level down is very important and significant. Well, how to cure high creatinine naturally?

High serum creatinine level is the indicator of kidney problem. In many cases, when creatinine level becomes high than the reference value 0.5-1.3mg/dL, patients will be asked to keep eyes on it. However, few of them are told what to do to reduce the level.

To cure high creatinine, we need to start from treating damaged kidneys, because kidneys are in charge of removing excess creatinine out of the body. When kidneys fail to work properly, creatinine that should be removed through urine will accumulate in blood. Therefore, if we can make sure the residual kidney function is able to remove excess creatinine, serum creatinine level will be lowered down to the normal range.

Many oral medicines and therapies can be applied to deal with kidney problem when creatinine level becomes high.Here, we recommend a herbal treatment which is named of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This treatment is able to reduce high creatinine level in blood, just because it can repair kidney damages and increase kidney function.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is herb-based treatment, but all the herbs are used externally. They are crushed into powder and then packed with special gauze. When patients take this treatment, medicine bags are put on kidney location where there are shen shu acupoint. After that, with the help of advanced medical device, effective ingredients in micro-Chinese medicine get into kidney through meridian to repair injured kidney tissues. As all the herbs are used externally, not orally, so no side effects are caused during the whole treatment course.

In many cases, reducing high creatinine is regarded as the final goal. Actually, high creatinine level is just a clinical manifestation of decline of kidney function. When kidneys are strengthened and kidneys work better, high creatinine level decreases naturally. Therefore, instead of reducing high creatinine level, strengthening kidney condition should be the final goal.

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