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Can Patients with Creatinine 15 Survive Without Dialysis

2015-02-20 05:42

Can Patients with Creatinine 15 Survive Without DialysisCreatinine 15 is a very high level, which may damage internal organs, thereby shortening life span. Well, is dialysis the only choice in such a case? Can patients with creatinine 15 survive without dialysis?

As a matter of fact, dialysis is the most commonly used way and also the first way we think of when serum creatinine goes up to as high as 15, but it is not the only choice.

Dialysis treats high creatinine 15 by removing excess creatinine out of the body through a machine. Creatinine level goes down after dialysis, but the treatment effect is temporary, because serum creatinine goes up again in few days when newly produced creatinine build up in blood. That is why we always say dialysis is a life-long method.

Dialysis is a way to reduce high creatinine 15, but besides it, our systematic treatment also helps to lower down high creatinine level. More importantly, our treatment is harmless. Our systematic treatment contains several therapies which are Mai Kang Mixture, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath and a herbal decoction. They are especially effective in reducing high creatinine level and increasing kidney function. They are effective, because they can:

-Promote renal blood circulation

High creatinine level signifies high levels of toxins in blood. Toxic substances not only further damage kidney, but also affect other internal organs, which may cause life-threatening complications. With our systematic treatment, renal blood circulation can be promoted and also the risk for deadly complication can be reduced greatly.

-Repair injured kidney tissues

Kidney is a organ that works through different kidney tissues like glomerulus and renal tubule. When any part of the kidney tissues are damaged, kidney function declines. Our systematic treatment can repair injured kidney tissues, so as to help increase kidney function.

-Strengthen kidney

Besides, our systematic treatment also strengthens kidney, because they can increase the self-healing ability of kidney intrinsic cells. This helps to prevent relapse of illness.

Our systematic treatment is harmless, because each of them is used in different treatment course to avoid the potential side effects. Additional, patients can receive remarkable treatment effects in reducing high creatinine 15 and increasing kidney function within a month at most. The systematic treatment is effective and harmless, so why do not you have a try if you have not find other good solution?

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