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How to Lower Creatinine Level and Raise GFR

2015-02-19 03:45

How to Lower Creatinine Level and Raise GFRBoth serum creatinine level and GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) are the indicator of kidney function, and in general, creatinine level in blood becomes higher and GFR becomes lower when kidneys fail to function properly. Dialysis or kidney transplant is usually needed for life-sustaining when the number of serum creatinine level and GFR beyond the normal a lot.Therefore, to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant, keeping a low creatinine level and a good GFR is very good. Well, how to lower creatinine level and raise GFR?

Creatinine is a metabolic waste that needs to be removed by kidney, so when kidneys can not function as well as they did before, GFR decreases and meanwhile, lots of creatinine build up in blood, leading to high serum creatinine level. Therefore, if we want to lower creatinine level and raise GFR, we need to strengthen kidney and increase kidney function.

Currently, although many medicines can be prescribed to help kidney disease patients stabilize illness condition, there is no an oral medicine has been proven to be able to reverse damaged kidneys back to normal. Even though, we should not be negative, because there is way to help increase kidney function and maintain life activity without dialysis and kidney transplant.

High serum creatinine level and low GFR are resulted from impaired kidney function, so in our hospital, a systematic treatment which can help strengthen kidney is used to help kidney disease patients lower creatinine and raise GFR. This systematic treatment is based several medical remedies which are Mai Kang Mixture, Foot Bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Chinese Herbs. They are used to help achieve different treatment goal in different course. Also, they are used differently from case to case. In general, patients can receive obvious treatment effects in two weeks if their illness is relatively mild stage. And for these whose illness is in a very severe stage, they need to insist on this treatment for a longer time and then they can get satisfying treatment effects.

Lastly, actually not only for high creatinine level and low GFR, but also for other abnormalities, if we want to remove them fundamentally and permanently, we need to firstly find out the real cause and then take actions to remove the cause. Only in this way, can the problem be really solved.

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