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Is High Creatinine Level the Real Cause of Renal Failure

2015-02-19 00:11

Is High Creatinine Level the Real Cause of Renal FailureMany renal failure patients believe high creatinine level is the real cause of their kidney problem, so they try every means to reduce the level, so as to get recovery. Well, is high creatinine the real cause of renal failure?

Actually, high creatinine level is not the cause of kidney problem, and just the clinical manifestation of kidney damage. In medicine, serum creatinine level is usually measured to learn about kidney condition. Kidney is in charge of filtering blood and removing creatinine out of the body. When kidneys fail to function properly, creatinine that should be cleared away from body will build up in blood. Under such a condition, serum creatinine level increases. Therefore, high serum creatinine level always reflects kidney problem.

Kidney is an bean-shape organ and composed of about one million nephron. When only a small number of nephron is damaged, the residual kidney function is effective enough to help us maintain the normal life activity. Therefore, in early stage of kidney disease, we suffer from no physical discomforts and also serum creatinine still stays in normal range. According to clinical studies, serum creatinine level begins to go up when about a half of kidney function is impaired.

High creatinine level indicates poor kidney function and high levels of toxins in blood. Dialysis is required to cleanse blood when serum creatinine goes up to a certain level, so reducing serum creatinine level and keeping it in a low level is very significant for renal failure patients. However, one thing we need to understand is that high creatinine level is not the real cause of renal failure, but a clinical manifestation of kidney problem. If we want to reduce it, we need to start from strengthening kidney condition. Here we can provide personalized treatment plans based on specific illness condition, so you can describe your illness condition to our online doctor to get individual advice.

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