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What Is The Best Thing To Do For Creatinine 1000

2015-02-08 01:48

What Is The Best Thing To Do For Creatinine 1000When creatinine level is higher than 707umol/L, this is usually called Uremia. Creatinine is a sensitive indication of glomerular filtration function, and also can reflect the toxin level in the body. The higher creatinine indicates more toxins in the body. The more toxin also worsens the damage for the body. So it is very necessary to decrease creatinine and toxin in the body. Well, what is the best thing to do for creatinine level 1000?

To lower high creatinine level, we usually use the following methods:

1. dialysis

If the creatinine is more than 707umol/L, it has been an indication of dialysis. Dialysis can decrease creatinine level rapidly, but its weakness is worsening kidney function and leading to kidney damage. Dialysis is a solution of last resort.

2. proper diet

To decrease high creatinine level, a method is to follow a proper diet. The general suggestion for elevated creatinine level is to follow a low salt, low protein but high quality protein, low potassium and phosphorus diet. Since different people have different medical condition, this diet plan may not suit for everyone. Therefore, if you want to get your individualized diet plan, you can send your medical reports to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online doctor directly.

3. protect and recover renal function

The root cause of high creatinine is declined kidney function, so we need to improve renal function so as to lower elevated creatinine level fundamentally. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment can improve renal function of blood supply, oxygen supply, control inflammatory lesion, restrain renal fibrosis progression and recover renal filtration. After a period of treatment, kidney function can be improved. After renal function is improved, renal detoxification function will be enhanced. In this way, high creatinine will be reduced. This is also the root method for treating kidney disease. So protecting and recovering kidney function is the best thing we can do to lower elevated creatinine level.

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