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Does Creatinine Improve With Dialysis

2015-01-26 02:25

Does Creatinine Improve With DialysisDoes dialysis reduce high creatinine level? Some people who are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) often ask this question. Dialysis is often recommended for high creatinine level patients. Well, does creatinine improve with dialysis?

Dialysis for kidney disease, an artificial kidney, plays an important role in lowering high creatinine. It is mainly used to remove the small molecule wastes such as creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, urea acid and water. Consequently, patients with high creatinine level can still maintain their basic life with the help of dialysis. However, creatinine level can not decline to the normal level because dialysis can not work as efficiently as the native kidneys at all and has no point in improving renal function. As the extending of dialysis treatment, the accumulated waste products and toxins will do more harm to kidneys. During the dialysis treatment process, the renal function still keeps decreasing. Eventually, kidney transplant is the last choice.

If you want to lower high creatinine level fundamentally, improving renal function should be the first concerned issue.

To provide a good internal environment for repairing kidney damage, the first step is to rid of both wastes and water. Blood purification is recommended in this treatment process.

The first step is to improve kidney function by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The active ingredients in Chinese herbs can activate the self-repairing ability of injured kidney structure and also provide nutrients for impaired kidneys. After a period of treatment, damaged kidney structure can be reversed and kidney function will increase effectively. High creatinine will improve with increased kidney function.

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