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Is There Any Possibility to Survive if Creatinine Level Is 19 in Body

2015-01-11 03:51

Is There Any Possibility to Survive if Creatinine Level Is 19 in BodyFrom creatinine level, we can see how well your kidneys are functioning. Now your creatinine level is 19, which is far beyond the normal range (0.5-1.2 mg/dL). Is there any possibility to survive if creatinine level is 19 in body?

If left alone, you may die from creatinine level.

Creatinine 19 means toxin concentration in body is very high and your disease has developed to uremia. In this stage, those waste products impair all your body systems, such as respiratory system, blood system, gastrointestinal tract system, cardiovascular system, etc. They all threaten your life without timely treatment.

Timely treatment can help you survive creatinine 19.

What you should do now is to lower toxin concentration in body and reduce their damage to your body. The quickest way is to do dialysis. Dialysis can take over part of your kidney function to filter the waste products from your body. But it can not repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function. Besides, it can only cleanse the micromolecule waste rather than all the waste, and it causes many complications, one of which is heart failure. Heart failure is the main cause of death for kidney failure patients.

Blood Pollution Therapy is to treat kidney disease from the polluted blood. This therapy combines not only dialysis, but also other blood purification treatment, such as immune absorption, plasma exchange, medicated bath, enema therapy, circle therapy, foot bath, etc. Those therapies can not only remove waste from the blood, but also remove stasis so as to increase blood flow into the kidneys. After blood purification, we supplement essential nutrients into the blood, such as vitamins, amino acids and trace elements so as to speed up kidney recovery.

Is there any possibility to survive if creatinine level is 19 in body? Yes, there is. But timely treatment is needed. The earlier you receive treatment, the more possibility you have.

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