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Is Egg White Good for People with High Creatinine

2012-10-17 17:30

High creatinine is a warning sign that the kidneys are not functioning well. With elevated creatinine, people need to adjust their diet. Well then, is egg white good for lowering creatinine in the patients?

Creatinine is a metabolic product of muscle activities and is transported freely to the kidneys to be filtered out. Creatinine level stays stable if the kidneys are well functioning; but when the kidneys are severely impaired, the ability in discharging wastes is reduced so creatinine level will increase in human body. When creatinine is high, people need to take more care for their diet. Because what they eat will affect their health status and make the symptoms better or worse. With high creatinine, is egg white beneficial?

First let’s have an analysis for the nutritions /substances within egg white. Every 100g egg white contains 10g protein, 0.1 g fat, calcium 19mg, phosphorus 16mg, iron 0.3mg, calcium 19mg, carbohydrate 1g, etc.

As we can see, the main substance from egg white is protein. The proteins provided by egg white are high in quality, which means that they will produce less urea nitrogen products in comparison to plant proteins. Maintaining good nutrition status help people with chronic kidney disease to maintain good nutrition status and resist infections. However, eating too much protein is also harmful as this will make the kidneys work harder.

For a person with high creatinine, egg white can be added into their diet as a protein source. However, how much to eat determines on the patients’ kidney condition and the extent of proteinuria. On average an egg weighs 50g and provides 7g protein. Protein supplement for a patient at early stages of kidney disease is 0.6-0.8g/kg.d. If one meanwhile has edema, he will have to strictly restrict the intake of sodium. When a person has massive proteinuria, the intake of proteins should make up for the loss from urine and meanwhile provide some extra so as to improve immunity; in this case, it is better to ask your doctor some advice based on real condition.

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