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Does A Serum Creatinine Level 2.07 Mean Kidneys Are in Complete Failure

2014-12-23 05:28

Does A Serum Creatinine Level 2.07 Mean Kidneys Are in Complete FailureCreatinine is a kind of waste product generated from muscle metabolism. Because it is passed out of the body by kidneys, it is often used to indicate how well your kidneys are functioning. Does a serum creatinine level of 2.07 mean kidneys are in complete failure?

Creatinine 2.07 means kidney damage.

Healthy kidneys can maintain creatinine level into 0.5-1.2 mg/dL. Though in different areas the reference data is a little different, creatinine 2.07 is beyond the normal range, which indicates your kidneys are not able to filter creatinine from the blood. And now you are in the early stage 3 chronic kidney disease. If you receive treatment aggressively, it is possible for you to reverse the disease and avoid complete failure.

How to lower creatinine 2.07 for kidney patients?

The fundamental way to lower creatinine 2.07 is to repair the damaged kidneys and then creatinine can be discharged from the blood. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the TCM treatment, which is to infiltrate micronized herbs into the damaged kidneys. It can decompose the immune complexes to eliminate kidney inflammation. It can also dilate blood vessels and block blood clotting to improve blood circulation. Moreover, it can degrade extracellular matrix to stop kidney fibrosis. And it supplements essential nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids to activate DNA in the injured cells so as to speed up their recovery.

There are also some blood detoxification therapies for you, such as medicated full bath, medicated foot bath, enema therapy, circle therapy, etc. Besides, you should attach importance to the diet you consume and exercise you do in the daily. If you are interested in them, please feel free to contact online doctor.

Does a serum creatinine level of 2.07 means kidneys are in complete failure? Of course not. But you should pay attention to it and receive treatment now.

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